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‘adlaurus’ is derived from the Latin words ‘ad’ and ‘laurus’ meaning ‘towards success’. As a consulting firm, adlaurus is driven by the idea of success. This is the theme that defines us. It is at the center of the projects we design and implement for our clients and it is at the core of how we conduct ourselves, internally and externally. Always, moving towards success!

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Who we are

adlaurus is a boutique management consulting firm based in Vienna, Austria. We are focused on providing customized business management solutions to startups and small to medium size entities. We specialize in the areas of business development, product management, innovation and change management (please see ‘services’ section for more information).

adlaurus also offers coaching and training services in the areas of product management, innovation management, managing change, multicultural communication and leadership.

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Philosophy & Values

Our philosophy and values are integral part of who we are and how we want to be perceived by our clients, partners and the community at large.

Integrity and professionalism are the core components of our philosophy.

We strive to:     

  • Be a trusted and reliable partner to our clients.           
  • Conduct business fairly and ethically.                                         
  • Think creatively and deliver solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs.
  • Create sustainable value for our clients and partners.
  • Reflect integrity in all our actions.
  • Cultivate long term relationships with our clients.
  • Act responsibly and with care in regard to our internal and customer resources.
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adlaurus strives to be a competent, trusted and reliable business partner that bridges the gap between challenges and solutions with respect to:  


  • Organizations and their ever changing external environment.
  • Competitiveness of products & services and related structures and processes.
  • Synchronizing resources, people and teams within a multicultural business environment.

adlaurus treats each client as a unique partner and extends its full capability and expertise in order to realize the best possible impact for our client’s individual situation.


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adlaurus endeavors to be the preferred strategic partner for:

  • small and medium sized companies striving to surpass their current capabilities in the areas of optimizing market penetration, product & innovation management, increasing competitiveness and customer satisfaction;
  • startups in the area of strategy development and implementation, business development and professional networking;
  • multinationals emphasizing training and coaching in multicultural communication and team leadership;
  • organizations in pre or post-merger & acquisition stages, requiring the integration of teams and individuals. 
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Adlaurus Management Consulting


adlaurus - management consulting
address richard wagner platz 13/11
1160 vienna - austria


phone +43 680 311 4301
fax +43 820 220 269 175
e-mail office@adlaurus.com
web www.adlaurus.com


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