What is Business Development?

Business Development is the discipline a firm utilizes to generate long-term business opportunities and growth. It should play an essential role in any organization regardless of its size. This discipline helps companies to either find new, attractive and potentially profitable markets or to improve existing market penetration; either through organic growth, mergers and acquisitions or strategic partnerships. Business Development combines market intelligence, strategic analysis, business-model design and implementation. A sound Business Development strategy includes optimizing internal policies and processes and establishes an infrastructure for expansion.

An ever-changing competitive environment requires constant engagement in identifying and exploiting new markets and opportunities. Globalization has removed many barriers to accessing new and distant markets, but has also made it easier for competitors to enter home markets. Market advantage, therefore, is won by the organizations that are the most nimble and proactive in recognizing and seizing strategic market opportunities.

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Our approach to Business Development

We approach Business Development on a case-by-case basis, guided by our client's specific needs. We work in close partnership with our client firms in order to identify new business opportunities—whether that means new markets, new partnerships with complementary businesses, new methods for reaching existing markets, or new product and service offerings—and then we develop and implement a strategy to exploit those opportunities in order to maximize market position and profitability. We also help firms gain deeper market insight through detailed analysis; steering them in the right direction to maximize their business potential.

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Our services

We focus on small and medium size enterprises as well as start-ups that want to expand beyond their current capabilities. We have extensive experience working in multiple sectors in Europe, CEE countries, North America and Asia.

The following is a list of our services; however we encourage you to contact us for a detailed analysis of your individual needs. The objective is to spur profitable growth for your business and unleash your hidden potential!

  • Market research and analysis
  • Acquisition and due diligence analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market opportunity assessments
  • Market entry strategy development
  • Business plan development
  • Networking and partnership strategies
  • Establishment of regional networks (partners, suppliers)    
  • Management advisory services (coaching and mentoring in the related subjects)
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