What is Change Management?

Today organizations operate in a highly dynamic business environment characterized by constant change; thus in need of constant adjustment and evolution. Globalization has brought diverse markets and acting participants ever closer together and has altered the rules of business dramatically. Competitive Advantage is only of temporary value and needs to be assessed and fortified on a continuous basis. This not only applies to a firm’s products and services in its quest to meet ever-increasing customer demands, but also to the organization itself and to its core business strategy.

In order to achieve their business objectives, companies need to be flexible and capable of adapting to change proactively; and they must outpace the competition in the process.

Change Management is a systematic and multidisciplinary approach that deals with change at all levels of an organization; from senior management down to the most junior employee, encompassing each and every individual. Typically, the process entails implementing changes that are applied to organizational structures, strategies, technologies or processes in order to meet demands of evolving markets, with the goal of moving organizations to the next level of performance. Only the organization that anticipates change as it occurs within its external as well as internal environments, and proactively adapts to it will be able to secure long term success for its stakeholders.

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Our approach to Change Management

In many cases, only the surface symptoms of deeper issues are visible when it comes to organizational shortcomings; not unlike the tip of an iceberg. Firms often exhaust tremendous effort and resources in order to navigate securely around such ‘icebergs’ without actually addressing the underlying flaws. But in our competitive business environment, long-term organizational success can only be achieved when the underlying hazards are revealed and analyzed; and appropriate changes are applied rapidly and precisely.

We at adlaurus take a 'whole-enterprise' approach to Change Management with the goal of creating and ensuring sustainable value within our clients’ organizations.

The following diagram illustrates our approach to Change Management: 


In change we see opportunity, but we also must appreciate and consider the comprehensive effects of change implemented from above as it cascades down and throughout an organization. A company’s human capital, with its collective know-how and experience, represents a unique core asset that promises sustainable success and profitability. Strategic change, therefore, cannot be successful without considering its impact on the team and the individual alike.

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Our services

We provide a range of services that support and guide our clients through the various phases of the Change Management process; whether a customized project or the implementation of generic mechanisms that allow you to optimize your organization’s performance.

With our expertise and experience we offer a qualified outsider’s perspective when analyzing your operation; helping you reveal and tap into your firm’s hidden or under-utilized potential.

The Process

It is important for us to gain a solid understanding of the status quo as well as what you want to achieve with your organization. Therefore in a typical project we would start with a 'kick-off' meeting to help us to understand your firm’s goals and strategic direction. From that point, we work to ensure that our joint activities and prescribed solutions are in alignment with your overall business strategy and performance benchmarks in order to guarantee ultimate success.

The following is a list of our services; however we encourage you to contact us for a detailed analysis of your individual needs. Our objective is to enable your organization to excel in your target markets and to provide sustainable value to your customers and stakeholders!

  • Analysis (reality check) of procedures and processes
  • Business Development, implementation and optimization of procedures and processes
  • Strategy development and implementation support
  • Merger/Integration strategy development
  • Coaching (teams and individuals) through the integration process after organizational changes (e.g. Merger & Acquisition)
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