About Coaching & Training

We are all becoming aware of the fact that learning is a lifelong endeavor. In an ever-changing business environment, today’s know-how becomes tomorrow’s obsolescence more quickly than ever before, requiring us to constantly sharpen and upgrade our skills and knowledge. It’s all about staying competitive - as an individual to qualify for a particular job and as an organization to execute tasks more efficiently and successfully than a competitor. In the quest to remain competitive, companies spend millions every year for training and coaching, in anticipation of an eventual return on the investment.

Why then do the training sessions often prove ineffective; with the initial motivation among the trainees waning abruptly, only to be replaced by frustration when returning to the familiar working environment?

Quite often the reason is that 'coaching and training' is conducted with a one-off approach, delivered in a remote 'training environment' and not applied under real life conditions. Without application and trial under actual working conditions those efforts are essentially worthless and organizations unfortunately never see the anticipated results.

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Our approach to Coaching & Training

In our quest to create sustainable value for our clients, Coaching & Training plays a central role. We do not want to just provide a solution that works on a short-terms basis, but one that enhances the long term performance of your business.

For that reason our approach to Coaching & Training is tailored to:

  • meet your unique needs (your resources, your business strategy, your portfolio, your vision);
  • take the 'real' work environment into consideration;
  • Consider the effects on the entire organization versus a specific situation. (This is especially important, as it determines whether the changes will be sustainable.)

Training is an investment in the future of an organization. In order to bring the seeds of Coaching & Training to fruition, the organization must cultivate and support a culture that encourages and promotes constant learning.

Our typical approach begins with a 'kick-off' event to help us to understand the vision, strategy and available resources of your business. Together, we then develop a plan to reach your goals with the help of our Coaching & Training program.

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Our services

The following is a list of areas for which we offer Coaching & Training; however we encourage you to contact us for a detailed analysis of your individual needs.

We work closely with partners of diverse of backgrounds and skill sets and can therefore provide you with an appropriate mix of training solutions that address your particular situation.

  • Product Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Change Management
  • Multicultural Leadership and Communication
  • Critical Skill and Competency Gaps
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