‘adlaurus’ is derived from the Latin words ‘ad’ and ‘laurus’ meaning ‘towards success’. As a consulting firm, adlaurus is driven by the idea of success. This is the theme that defines us. It is at the center of the projects we design and implement for our clients and it is at the core of how we conduct ourselves, internally and externally. Always, moving towards success!

Adlaurus Management Consulting

adlaurus goes online

The team of adlaurus proudly presents the completion of its newly designed website. With the establishment of the site and the chosen underlying concept, adlaurus wants to offer a comprehensive picture on its core competencies and service offerings. In addition, we plan to provide our audience with complementary resources that focus on interesting business topics and current market news. This area will be available soon. So please check our ‘news’ and ‘downloads’ sections regularly.

With the web presence as well as with our expertise in the field of business development, product management, innovation management and change management, we are looking forward to live up to our vision to serve our clients with solution-oriented services that lead to sustainable values amongst the stakeholders.

We would like to hear from you! Please feel free to drop us a note.

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