Roland Zoeschg, the founder and Managing Director of adlaurus - management consulting, has over 15 years of professional experience in product and market related functions as well as operations within the automotive and IT industries.

Following long-term assignments in North America, Europe and Asia, he gained a comprehensive understanding of global market dynamics, local market requirements and working within a multicultural business environment. Roland has a strong affinity to a solution-oriented approach and a deep understanding of customer needs as crucial ingredients for success. He believes in team work and diversity as the key assets for achieving sustainable value.

In his professional career, he has successfully established and led teams with global responsibility spanning various functional areas and industries. Examples include heading global product management teams in a variety of industries, as well as establishing and managing test and engineering facilities of a prominent global supplier for the automotive industry in Shanghai, China.

Roland holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology in Graz, Austria (writing his Master Thesis at the University of Wales, Swansea, UK). He also completed post-graduate studies for International Advanced Management Development Program conducted by the Management Resource Centre in Vienna.

Roland is an avid runner with completion of 5 marathons around the world. He is also a passionate tennis player and an accomplished skier, and enjoys a round of golf in his spare time.


Roland combines a profound technical understanding with a proven business acumen gained over years of serving in numerous management positions within globally operating organizations. This allows him to assess complex situations and challenges holistically in order to provide sustainable solutions for his clients.

His core competencies are:

  • Product Management (organizational structures and related processes and interfaces);
  • Innovation Management (creation of an innovative work environment in regards to culture, processes and tools);
  • Business Development (increasing product and market penetration);
  • Managing change in organizations (analysis, strategic development and implementation);
  • Business and team integration after merger & acquisitions (effectively and sustainably merging the forces);
  • Management of international/multicultural teams.
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