adlaurus endeavors to be the preferred strategic partner for:

  • small and medium sized companies striving to surpass their current capabilities in the areas of optimizing market penetration, product & innovation management, increasing competitiveness and customer satisfaction;
  • startups in the area of strategy development and implementation, business development and professional networking;
  • multinationals emphasizing training and coaching in multicultural communication and team leadership;
  • organizations in pre or post-merger & acquisition stages, requiring the integration of teams and individuals. 
Adlaurus Management Consulting

Flexibility meets competence

Despite of the fact that our core competencies span across a wide field of areas, we also have access to a comprehensive network of partners and consultants. This network provides us with additional knowledge and expertise complementary to our services; examples include project management, quality and process management and more.

In effect, it allows us to have access to a greater diversity of backgrounds, ‘know-how’ and support to serve you with the best possible mix of skills specifically assembled to meet your individual needs.

For more details please visit our areas ‘services’ and ‘partners’.

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